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The high quality complete food KIKI EXCELLENT MAX MENU Guinea Pigs has been formulated to provide every essential nutrient to keep your pet in perfect health by giving it a better quality of life and consequently greater longevity. This varied mix also maintains a healthy appetite. A low fat diet that avoids obesity which some can acquire with poor eating habits. It provides the required daily amount of Vitamin C that is essential to this species.

Method of use: An adult guinea pig may take 30 to 50g a day depending on its activity and size. It is preferable to feed it twice daily, in the morning and in the evening.

It may be complemented with fruit, vegetables and KIKI hay. 

Vitamins & minerals guaranteed per Kg of product: Vitamin A: 8.750 UI; Vitamin D3: 1.050UI; Vitamin E: 75mg; Vitamin C: 540mg; Vitamin B1: 7.2mg; Vitamin B2: 8.3mg; Vitamin B6: 7.1mg; Vitamin B12: 11.8ug; Biotin: 460ug; Folic Acid: 6.6mg; Copper: 18mg; Iron: 79mg; Zinc: 51mg; Magnesium: 50mg; Iodine: 0.4mg