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The large majority of African species, including the African Grey, feed off mountain forests and the Savannah. In these landscapes, berries, nuts and dried fruit, such as figs, carob and date palms, etc., abound. In order to provide correct feeding for these beautiful birds, it is necessary to employ these seeds and fruits proper to their place of origin, thus achieving a better physical and psychological state of health. In general, curved-beak species are usually long-lived, but their lives may become shorter due to incorrect feeding that may produce malfunctions of some of their organs. With KIKI MOGAMBO, AFRICAN SPECIES you may be sure of feeding your favourite pet correctly and providing him with a greater quality of life. A diet rich in proteins with a high Vitamin A content contributes to a good development of plumage. The correct proportion of sea calcium added to this diet will guarantee healthy, well-developed bones.

Method of use- Provide the bird some 30g daily of KIKI MOGAMBO, AFRICAN SPECIES in his feeding bowl and keep fresh and clean water always available.